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Practical info

​​​Are you ready for an incredible Rock & Roll Freakshow? On the 17th of November 2018, the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (NL) will present the second edition of HELLDORADO: a brand new heavy rock event combined with an awesome side show and packed with crazy, sexy, strange & bizar entertainment. HELLDORADO looks dangerous from the outside; but is hospitable & amusing from the inside.



Event info

  • -Lost & Found

    ​Lost something at Helldorado? Contact the Klokgebouw!

    The lost and found for Helldorado will be arranged by the Klokgebouw. We recommend to call them to check if they have found your belongings!

    Opening hours:

    Monday 09:00–17:00

    Tuesday 09:00–17:00

    Wednesday 09:00–17:00

    Thursday 09:00–17:00

    vrijdag 09:00–17:00

    Saturday Closed

    Sunday 09:00–17:00

    Phone number: 06 48 51 78 26

  • Age

    Everybody is allowed to get in, but people younger than 16 need to have an adult with them. We serve no alcohol under 18.

  • bringing food/drinks

    It is prohibited to bring your own food or drinks to the festival.

  • Contact

    Having troubles regarding your tickets? Please head to

    For other questions, please contact us at

  • Joker

    First of all, the Helldorado Joker or Crocktail card will not grant you a free festival ticket, but it can be used for various other fun stuff. More on that later!

  • Liquids

    ​It is prohibited to bring own liquids such as deodorant, lentil fluid etc. to the festival.

  • Lockers

    We have lockers available at the venue! These are €6 + €5 refund. They are big enough for two wintercoats.

  • Medication

    Are you on some kind of medication? It is recommended to send an email to Otherwise you might not be allowed to take your medications inside.

  • NIX18

    In the Netherlands, the NIX18 law states that alcohol is not allowed for people below 18. Underaged visitors will therefore get an adjusted wristband to prevent them from ordering alcoholic beverages.

  • Opening hours

    Helldorado will open the doors at 13:00. First band will start at 13:30. The last band will be finished at 02:00 & then the festival is finished!

  • Parking

    There is a parking garage available at the festival location. Parking cost €7,- per day.

  • Pets

    It is prohibited to bring pets to the show.

  • Privacy Policy

    You can check our privacy policy here.

  • returning tokens

    It is possible to return your tokens, if you have any left. You can return your tokens until one hour before closing time.

  • Smoking policy

    It is only allowed to smoke in the designated smoking area.

  • Spreading flyers

    Unfortunately, it is prohibited to spread flyers without permission from the organization.

  • Terms & conditions

    ​Our terms & conditions can be found here.

  • Timetable


  • Tokens

    Tokens are available at the pay desks. It is possible to pay in cash or with a debit card.

    *note: it is NOT possible to pay with a credit card!

  • Travel information

    Address: Klokgebouw 50, 5617 BD, Eindhoven

    Coming to HELLDORADO:

    Take bus 13, 17, 401 or 402 from Eindhoven Central and go to busstop “Strijp-S”.

    Or take the train to station “Eindhoven Strijp-S”

  • Volunteer at Helldorado?

    Paaspop is in charge of the volunteers at Helldorado. Want to volunteer? Check out!


  • Box office

    It is possible to buy a ticket at the box office. These however will be at box office prices and while tickets are available.

    attention: Tickets at the box office will only be able to be bought with cash.

  • Ticket info & personalisation

    Tickets for Helldorado need to be personalized. This means that the name on the ticket should be from the person that owns the ticket. You get instructions on how to personalize your ticket when you download your ticket.

    If you want to change the name on the ticket, click here!

    Can’t come to Helldorado no more? Oh no! In this case, we advise you to sell your ticket through Our ticketprovider Paylogic is connected to Ticketswap, so if you buy your ticket there, you are certain to come to Helldorado. See you in the pit!


  • Cameras for personal use

    ​It is not allowed to bring a camera without a, by Helldorado approved, accreditation.

    This means that if you bring a camera to the festival, acces to the festival will be denied.

    If you do wish to make photo’s during the festival, you can use a mobile phone.

  • How to apply for accreditation.

    To apply for accreditation, send an email to Before applying, please read the guideline below.

    - Applying for accreditation is possible until the 10th of November 2017. Request that are send in after this date are not to be taken in consideration.

    - An approved accreditation can be changed until the 13th of November. After this date, there will be no correspondance about accreditation.

    - We only take applies for accreditation into consideration after we receive a conformation of order from an editor of a platform (website, magazines etc). This should be an e-mail in which the editor confirms that a journalist or photographer is commissioned to take pictures for this particular medium with publication as purpose. We do not grant accreditation to social media or personal blogs.

    - After recieving an a-mail from an editor, we will look into the application and e-mail a conformation or rejection as soon as possible.

  • Online media

    During the festival, one editor and one photographer are welcome for each mediaplatform. Therefor, asking for accreditation for more then one editor or photographer is useless. It is highly appreciated if online media platforms publish an announcement or preview of Helldorado prior to the show.

  • Press accreditation

    Unless indicated otherwise, photographers who are in possession of a by Helldorado approved accreditation are allowed to take pictures (without flash) during the first 3 songs of the performance. In front of the stage there will be a special frontstage photo area that’s set up for this. After the first three songs the photographer has to leave the photo area.

    -Keep an eye on the entree of the front stage photo pit for special announcements.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us by mail:

Klokgebouw 50
5617 AC, Eindhoven
The Netherlands